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Hey! So Good to Meet You! 


Who I am….

Kate, aka roamingmom, or just Mommy to my three kids.  

I live in Andalusia, Spain with my husband and our three sons. 


If you hang around, please do! You’ll learn a few things about me pretty quickly.  Here’s the cheat sheet version of me…


To Travel. 

To Write.

My Husband and Our Rambunctious Boys. 

My Family.

My Friends, especially My Chicas. 

Good Wine & Great Food. 




To Dabble with Photography.

To Procrastinate.

To Read.




To Stay Fit.

To Speak Spanish.

To Eat Well.

To Always Be Kind. 

A Little Background……

I was born in Toronto, Canada to great parents who didn’t travel. 

Twelve years ago, my husband came up with the grand idea we should move to The Bahamas. So we did. In fact, we moved to Grand Bahama Island with our new baby, Aiden and our geriatric dog, Kob. 

Island life was just as you might expect. Paradise. As long as you never went to the grocery store or sat through a hurricane.

We bought a house. We massively renovated said house. We had a couple more babies. Our fur boy passed on. Good friends were made. Roots were laid. A decade flew by. 

Island Days. Photo credit: @suburbanchicphotography

Then we had the inclination to take a “gap year” to Europe. Spain was the logical choice for the language, climate, food and vino…verdad!

The “gap year” is going on 3 years.  We’ve had more than a few hiccups a long the way but they were all part of the adventure. Man! What a ride it has been!

Currently, I am hooked on España. I adore the culture, the peeps, and the terrain…..not the paperwork but that’s another story. 

Thanks for visiting! I hope you’ll stick around. 😉