Mauritius (Delicious)

We left the UAE and spent a glorious and lazy week in Mauritius. I can tell you Mauritius is deliciously beautiful and that the Indian Ocean was a sea of tranquillity for our entire stay.

Might as well Jump!!!

I can also tell you that the island is lush, mountainous, and full of sugar cane. Unfortunately, I can tell you little else due to a serious Lazy factor.  Not lazy as inactive but really lazy about feeling like we needed to play tourist.

The kids were so damn happy to be back on an Island and to play in the ocean. We let them do just that. And Man did those boys play hard!

They wakeboarded/water skied every day and swam their little asses off. One day we got motivated and let them do a Try Dive of a few meters. The dive op was a bit shit and it proved to be stressful for us but the kids enjoyed it.

Where the Hell is Mauritius?

For those that might be wondering…..

Mauritius is an Island Republic.  It is a volcanic Island with palm-treed beaches and coral reefs surrounding much of the coastline. It sits smack dab in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius Island

Roughly 2400 kilometres off the East Coast of Africa. The island is 45km wide and 65km long.

The food was mainly seafood or Indian inspired. So loads of curry. Met some great South African families who may well have given us some fresh motivation to check out South Africa.

Thanks for reading!

Much LOVE, Kate. x

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      1. You now have a great outlet and diary of all your travels. Great for your kids, friends and family.

  1. What wonderful memories! It was great meeting you and we are looking forward to that visit to South Africa 🙂

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