Kyoto & Confessions of a Geisha Stalker

Kyoto After leaving Tokyo, we took the bullet train to Kyoto. All very easy, super civilized and fast. Kyoto is everything you think it should be. The former Japanese capital is far less manic than Tokyo and steeped with mystic. A city of zen shrines, lush gardens, wooded mountains, and exotic geisha. Oh, and some […]

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Tokyo – 3 Days

Side Street in Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

You finally made it to Tokyo. Where do you possibly start? The Japanese capitol is swimming with a whopping 38 million people. You’re likely overwhelmed and tired. So tired. The jetlag is a painstaking reality after your 12 hour (maybe longer) haul. Depending on the time of day you arrive – you might want to […]

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Morocco (Lite), ChefChaouen – 50 Shades of Blue

As a traveller, I generally hit the “safe zones.” As the kids are getting older, so is our ability to travel to some edgier spots and Morocco is just that. Edgy. Last spring was our first foray into Morocco. We took the fast ferry from Tarifa, Spain (35 minutes), and arrived in Tangiers, Morocco. Stepping […]

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Sensational Sancerre

Small to big - Sancerre

The wine lovers of our group took a road trip to Sancerre. It was a bit of a mission as the town of Sancerre sits on the very eastern edge (left bank) of the Loire Valley and was 200 km away from our château based in Langeais. But if you love wine, and you’re into Sancerre (me!) then it’s well worth the pilgrimage.

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The Loire Valley & a Little Paris.

Girls trip France 2018, Loire Valley

What’s better than a girl’s trip? As a woman, NOTHING, and I mean absolutely f’cking nothing! Time away with your female tribe is immensely special and absolutely mandatory. Every couple of years, I take a trip with my female tribe.  This year (September), my eclectic and crazy femmes went to The Loire Valley, France and […]

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My Big Fat 5 days in Athens

Due to some random holidays in Spain (Constitution Day and Immaculate Conception Day) – we get a mini break in early December. Not complaining! This year we went to Athens. A first for me and an overall very cool way to spend a couple of days. The historical capital of Europe is an interesting dichotomy […]

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U.K. Road Trip – Medieval Castles, Roman Baths, and a Little Surf.

castles, uk tour

I’m a self-professed weather snob. This means I like being warm and dry while I look at the sun. We all know the UK does not score top marks for warmth, dryness or sunshine,  so it was a bit of an odd choice for our midterm break. However, what Ole Blighty lacks in weather, she […]

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A’dam with the Fam

Revisiting Amsterdam (A’dam to the locals) with my children was a bit different from previous visits in my late teens and early twenties. This crazy liberal, bike and cheese loving mecca should be on everyone’s bucket list of travels. Even with its often bleak and gray weather, the Dutch Capital never disappoints and holds something […]

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Euro Wanderlust Tour – Quick Stop in Vienna (Wein)

VIEnna We arrived late in Vienna…nearly midnight. Boys were tired and cranky from the last 7 hours (our longest journey) on the train. The last few hours were dark and rainy. No views.  We were left listening to the moan of the train gliding on the wet tracks and whatever entertainment our iPad(s) could provide. Our […]

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