Traylor Mania

Travis Kelce attends the 2022 ESPYs; Taylor Swift attends the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. PHOTO: ALBERTO E. RODRIGUEZ/GETTY IMAGES; KEVIN MAZUR/GETTY IMAGES

I would love for Taylor to write songs about her Happy Ever After, not another break-up diddy centred around the “Chiefs player not coming home to her.” I want the burly footballer to get America’s most coveted darling.

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Expat in Spain – Part 2 – Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

Expat Life Living Outside of your Comfort Zone

As promised, the second excerpt from the Spanish ex-pat files- Living Outside Your Comfort Zone.  Click here for the first installment. Backstory We always planned to do a “gap” year in Spain but we wanted the kids to be big enough to remember some of the experience. But not too big. They still needed to be […]

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Expat in Spain – Part 1

Just boarded. Ready to hit the high seas.

  The Trans-Atlantic Crossing In September 2014, we boarded a massive cruise ship – the largest of its kind (at the time) where we spent 12 nights on a trans-Atlantic voyage from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona on a floating city called: Oasis of The Seas. The 13 day-crossing was serene and calm. Barely a ripple […]

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The Current Irrelevance of Hollywood

Photo courtesy of World of Reel

In our current world of cancel culture – should Hollywood be cancelled? Cancel culture was born from societies’ need to take away their support of behaviour, methods, character traits, lifestyle, and speech that they deem unacceptable. Yet, we still accept the insidious poison that continues to bubble and brew out of Hollywood. We embroil ourselves […]

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Catching Covid

Covid be damned

I finally caught it, or I should say, it finally caught me. Pretty much two years to the day after The WHO announced the COVID pandemic – I tested positive for the ‘VID. Covid’s been a long schlepp for all of us. However, it finally seems to be scaling down to endemic status. As my […]

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The Royals: When Harry Met Meghan

Royal Watching Initially, I had zero interest in watching the interview with Meghan, Harry, and Oprah. But inevitably, like 20 million other people, I got sucked in. The public reactions were just too fascinating and polarizing not to see what all the fuss was about. Why my initial disinterest? Well, because who really cares?  I […]

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A Mom of Boys (MOB) on Raising Boys

The OGs

We have expectations. But we don’t have blind expectations. We understand the kids will stumble, fall, and disappoint as they navigate their way to adulthood and eventual independence. We also celebrate their individuality. Our only real hope is that when they venture out in the world – we’ve raised good humans.

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The Bag On The Train

Madrid - The Bag on the Train

It wasn’t until we were in the taxi heading to Atocha Station that shit got really interesting and not in a great way.

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45 Things I know to be True….at 45.

Suck it up!

Last month, I turned 45! I’ve always embraced my age and love celebrating my birthday. Actually, I just love birthdays in general. It’s the one day of year when it’s truly your day when all things are about you. This last birthday came with some reflection now that I’m officially middle aged….cause yes, I’m hoping […]

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