Dubai & Abu Dhabi – Pagan Easter – Arab Country – No problem.


Since moving to the Continent almost 3 years ago, we’ve done some amazing trips. Having a good chunk of Europe checked off “La Liste”, and the boys proving to be capable travellers – it was time to move out of our comfort zone – a little bit, and check out Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

My 10-year-old is obsessed with all things aviation and has been coveting a flight with Emirates. Thus our Easter trip to the UAE and Mauritius.

Not having visited an Arabic country before, Dubai and Abu Dhabi were eye-opening. There are some simple rules. In short:

Don’t get shit faced, flash your boobs (or shoulder), make out with husband publically, or fight with locals. Never how your enthusiasm by screaming “f*ck, or use profanity in general.

First Impressions of Dubai and the UAE

We had zero problems and though I respectfully covered my shoulders and knees in public places, there were many women who did not. Still, nobody seemed to mind.

We did the required tourist activity of taking a 4 x 4 adventure into the Arabic desert. So fun! Our guide was a lovely Moroccan dude named Hassan who rocked that SUV (complete with a roll cage) through the sand dunes like Mario Andretti. Of course, we then had to ride a camel. When in the desert, right?! We also sand boarded which was hot as hell but worth the price of admission.  The first morning in Dubai we did a little fishing in the Persian Gulf to sate our Bahamian roots.



Further, UAE attractions included a side trip to Abu Dhabi where we visited Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld (family holiday after all), The Heritage Village, and a quick peek at the gorgeous and MASSIVE Grand Mosque.


Traditional Dress-Making

On our return to Dubai, we stayed at the Mall of the Emirates……with the infamous indoor skiing. We should have gone to the Gold Souk instead. But everyone was keen to check out the giant mall.

My take on Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a bit impartial. Both cities are ultra-modern but both feel a bit soulless. Yet, you can buy anything imaginable, especially in Dubai if shopping is your shtick.

I would go back. However, it would be to spend more time in the Arabic desert with the gorgeous multi-coloured sand. Ideally, I would stay in the Bab Al Shams.  Check it out. Looks pretty drool-worthy,

Oh! I would also return for the hummus.The hummus was the bomb as was the shish tawook with garlic sauce. In general, arabic food, is scrumptious.  Okay, so I guess I will return for more desert adventures, Arabic eats, and another chance to fly Emirates.

Hope you enjoyed the read.


Kate. x

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15 thoughts on “Dubai & Abu Dhabi – Pagan Easter – Arab Country – No problem.

  1. Love it and totally agree – the humus and baba ganoshe were fantastic; and the desert is absolutely amazing. See the boys learning to scuba dive – a grand trip. I can’t believe all you are teaching them.

  2. Well done Kate (and Rob) for making lifetime memories. What a way to grow up and experience life and culture. Continue to share your love for life and travel with the boys.

  3. Glad to hear you would return to the UAE and also that you enjoyed your Emirates flight
    Not that I am biased !!
    It would be great if we happened to be ” around” when you visit again….you certainly achieved a lot in your short visit there…and yes Bab Al Shams is pretty awesome…..
    Your boys are so fortunate to have these opportunities…travel is an ” education” in itself !,
    Job well done 👍
    Like Barb I hope I’ve done this correctly ?

    1. Such a treat to fly with Emirates. I’m hooked! Doubtful, we’ll be back soon. Thought it might be interesting to hit the Expo in a few years though….we’ll see. Thx. for the feedback which is absolutely in the correct place. 😉😘

  4. i absolutely loved reading this! i could actually hear your voice in every word! thank you for sharing these adventures via your fun and funny written word! we love you whartons, and your awesome zest for life!!!! xoxoxoxo

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