About Roamingmom!


Hola! I’m Kate, a.k.a roamingmom, a travel obsessed story teller and MOB (Mom of Boys).  I’m a Canadian expat who left home 16 years ago and never really looked back. I love the adventure of expat living – the diverse people you meet and the challenge of being “away from home”. I hope you’ll hang around and follow me on my journey. Here’s a bit about me:


  • Travelling
  • Writing
  • My family. 
  • Playing tennis & padel
  • Friends who are family  


  • Photography.
  • Yoga.
  • Books.


  • To be fit
  • To speak Spanish.
  • To eat well.
  • To be kind. 

The Backstory

I was born in Toronto, Canada to great parents who never travelled.  Eighteen years ago, my husband prompted our move to The Bahamas. We moved to Grand Bahama Island, when I was expecting our first baby. It was a bold move for us, and our geriatric dog.  Island life was as you might expect – Paradise. As long as you never went to the grocery store or endured a hurricane. The years ticked by – we bought a house. We renovated said house and had a few babies. Our fur boy passed on. Good friends were made. Roots were laid. A decade flew by. 

Island Days. Photo credit: @suburbanchicphotography

After 10 years plus of Island bliss – we decided on a “gap year” to Europe. Spain was the logical choice for the language, climate, food and vino.. Por supuesto (of course!) The “gap year” is going on 7 years.  We’ve had a few hiccups – all part of the adventure. And man, it’s been a helluva ride. I’m hooked on Spain for the culture, the peeps, and the geography. Not the f@cking paperwork but que sera sera.  We’ve made good friends here in España. The babes have become teens. We have a puppy named Chili. Along the way, I’ve learned that our lives are journeys of perfect imperfections. We fall down, we dust ourselves off, and sometimes we have to recalibrate our compasses. But we figure out our paths in the end. I hope you’ll join me while I navigate mine.

Love, Kate


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