About Roamingmom!


I’m Kate, a.k.a roamingmom, a travel-obsessed storyteller and MOB (Mom of Boys).  I’m a Canadian ex-pat who left home 17 years ago and never really looked back. I love the adventure of ex-pat living – the diverse people you meet and the challenge of being “away from home”, and redefining what home means. I hope you’ll stick around and follow my journey. Here’s a bit more about me:


  • Traveling
  • Writing
  • My family & friends who are family 
  • Playing tennis & padel  


  • Photography
  • Yoga
  • Books


  • To stay fit
  • To speak Spanish.
  • To eat well.
  • To be kind. 

The Backstory

I was born in Toronto, Canada to great parents who never traveled.  Eighteen years ago, my husband prompted our move to The Bahamas. We moved to Grand Bahama Island when I was expecting our first baby.  At the time, it seemed like a bold move for us and our geriatric dog.  Island life was as you might expect – Paradise! As long as you never went to the grocery store or endured a hurricane. The years ticked by – we bought a house. We renovated said house and had a few babies. Our fur boy passed on. Incredible friends were made. Roots were laid. A decade flew by. 

Island Days. Photo credit: @suburbanchicphotography

After 10 years +  of Island bliss – we decided on a “gap year” to Europe. Spain was the logical choice for the language, climate, food, and vino. Por supuesto (of course!) The “gap year” has been going on for 7 years.  We’ve had more than a few hiccups – all part of the adventure though.  It’s been a helluva ride. I adore  Spain for the culture, peeps, and geography. Not the f@cking paperwork but Que sera sera.  We’ve met some more incredible friends here in España. The babes have become teens. We have a Spanish pup named Chili.

Our journey has been filled with perfect imperfections. We’ve fallen down, dusted ourselves off, and recalibrated our compasses so many times.  And still – it feels like we’ve just begun! 

Are you a traveler? Parent? Writer? Nomad?. Now that you’re here – follow my page and tell me something about you!

Love, Kate. x


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