Abortion is a Human Right, Not a Crime.

Abortion - Human rights

Abortion & Human Rights 101

The option to have an abortion is a human right, not a crime. Rape and assault are crimes.

Every human should have governance of their own bodies and a right to privacy in their choices. No government, state, or religion should involve themselves in these choices. Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Ohio are attempting to dismantle the fundamental rights of roughly fifty per cent of the population. This is a direct attack on American human rights. It’s an unnecessary attack focused on women’s rights that threatens to roll the progressive clock back by generations.

What exactly are these right-wing zealots hoping to achieve? Is this a bullying effort to convert people into their perception of a “perfect” world? Or is it another ridiculous effort to “make America great again”? I might’ve just barfed while typing that.

Well in my “perfect world” – men wouldn’t rape women and severe genetic abnormalities wouldn’t exist. In my perfect world – women wouldn’t have unplanned pregnancies and incest would be too unfathomable to have a name. In my utopia, crazed gunmen would not massacre children while at school or anywhere else.

Seeing as we don’t live in a utopian world. Let’s respect tough decisions that have to be made and people’s ability to choose their own course. Let’s provide the counselling and health services necessary after brutal actions cause traumatic consequences, and let’s honour privacy.

Don’t bother disputing Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life and/or what your religion might dictate.  America needs to continue to evolve socially and respect basic human rights. Roe v. Wade was 46 years ago!! Do we want our daughters, nieces, and granddaughters resorting to coat hangers, knitting needles and alkaline bleach cocktails?? Seems more than a bit crazy, right?

American right-wing politicians need to closely examine their policies on guns rather than inserting themselves in the decision-making process of women. They need to honour the Constitution and the rights of the American people.

America – you need to stop being victimized by your Government. Vote out the Bullies. These sinister ass hats passing these legislations were voted in by you. Vote them out. Don’t be coerced into thinking they’ve won. The tyrants have to go and you the American people, have the ability to get rid of them.

I urge anyone who reads this to ponder the repercussions of what these bills mean. Abortion is a Human right, not a crime. Everyone should have autonomy over their own bodies

If you haven’t already — it’s a really good time to draw a hardline and to speak up for your beliefs and rights.

Kate. x

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3 thoughts on “Abortion is a Human Right, Not a Crime.

  1. Amen Kate, amen. I can’t fathom that we are even having this conversation in 2019. My hardline was drawn decades ago and as the mother of a daughter, this is terrifying. xx

    1. Hi Julie! It’s insane what’s happening in America today. It’s high time to put an end to the bullying politics & their repressive archaic platform. x

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