Tokyo – 3 Days

Side Street in Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

You finally made it to Tokyo. Where do you possibly start? The Japanese capitol is swimming with a whopping 38 million people. You’re likely overwhelmed and tired. So tired. The jetlag is a painstaking reality after your 12 hour (maybe longer) haul. Depending on the time of day you arrive – you might want to […]

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Morocco (Lite), ChefChaouen – 50 Shades of Blue

As a traveller, I generally hit the “safe zones.” As the kids are getting older, so is our ability to travel to some edgier spots and Morocco is just that. Edgy. Last spring was our first foray into Morocco. We took the fast ferry from Tarifa, Spain (35 minutes), and arrived in Tangiers, Morocco. Stepping […]

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Confessions of a Serial-traveller

This year has already marked some epic trips for me.  I’ve been to Switzerland, Thailand, Morocco, United Kingdom, USA and even a brief stop in my original hood – Toronto, Canada.  I thinks it’s fair to deem myself as a Serial-traveller.  Some of these trips have been for one or two weeks getaways,  and others relatively quick over nights.

During these travels and the ones prior, I’ve learned a few things. Some of which may surprise you.

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My Big Fat 5 days in Athens

Due to some random holidays in Spain (Constitution Day and Immaculate Conception Day) – we get a mini break in early December. Not complaining! This year we went to Athens. A first for me and an overall very cool way to spend a couple of days. The historical capital of Europe is an interesting dichotomy […]

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Fight Terrorism – Travel More.

Fight Terrorism - travel more

Terrorism is not defined by country, race or religion. Terrorist – a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims. The above is often confused by: Act of Terrorism – calculated use of violence (or threat of) against civilians to cause bodily harm. Truths About Terrorism It’s a global epidemic. Some nations might […]

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Euro Wanderlust Tour – Venice…

In the summer of 2015, La Familia Wharton (Rob, Kate, Aiden (10), Ethan (8), and Declan (6) set out on a crazy 49 Night Tour of Europe…starting in Venice. The family who favors the  “no plan – plan” ….had a plan and it was EPIC….9 countries………via plane (1), trains (13), ferries (4), and one hire […]

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Exuma – The Jewel of The Bahamas

Fyre Festival – Exuma Done Wrong. A shit storm of epic proportions went down in Exuma, The Bahamas last weekend…. Two amateur punks, (a rapper, and a marketer) attempted a music festival for entitled Millennials craving an “elitist” experience.  The concept: epic music festival on a remote Bahamian Island…..gourmet cuisine, top shelf liquor, yachts, posh tents, epic […]

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Girls Trip? Yes Please!!!

10 Reasons Why Girls Trips Rule…… 1. You Get to Be Your Authentic Self. No judgement. If you wanna dress up, dress down, or go skinny….nobody cares. 2. You Get to Relax. You can meditate, sleep, grab a massage, or lounge by the pool.  The world is your relaxing oasis. 3. You Don’t Have to […]

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