Tokyo – 3 Dayso

Side Street in Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

You finally made it to Tokyo. Where do you possibly start? The Japanese capitol is swimming with a whopping 38 million people. You’re likely overwhelmed and tired. So tired. The jetlag is a painstaking reality after your 12 hour (maybe longer) haul. Depending on the time of day you arrive – you might want to […]

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The Bag On The Train

Madrid - The Bag on the Train

It wasn’t until we were in the taxi heading to Atocha Station that shit got really interesting and not in a great way.

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Morocco (Lite), ChefChaouen – 50 Shades of Blue

Morocco - Chefchaouen

As a traveller, I generally hit the “safe zones.” As the kids are getting older, so is our ability to travel to some edgier spots and Morocco is just that. A wee bit edgy. Last spring was our first foray into Morocco. We took the fast ferry from Tarifa, Spain (35 minutes), and arrived in […]

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Confessions of a Serial-traveller

This year has already marked some epic trips for me.  I’ve been to Switzerland, Thailand, Morocco, United Kingdom, USA and even a brief stop in my original hood – Toronto, Canada.  I thinks it’s fair to deem myself as a Serial-traveller.  Some of these trips have been for one or two weeks getaways,  and others relatively quick over nights.

During these travels and the ones prior, I’ve learned a few things. Some of which may surprise you.

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My Big Fat 5 days in Athens

Due to some random holidays in Spain (Constitution Day and Immaculate Conception Day) – we get a mini break in early December. Not complaining! This year we went to Athens. A first for me and an overall very cool way to spend a couple of days. The historical capital of Europe is an interesting dichotomy […]

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Fight Terrorism – Travel More.

Fight Terrorism - travel more

Terrorism is not defined by country, race or religion. Terrorist – a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims. The above is often confused by: Act of Terrorism – calculated use of violence (or threat of) against civilians to cause bodily harm. Truths About Terrorism It’s a global epidemic. Some nations might […]

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Euro Wanderlust Tour – Venice…

In the summer of 2015, La Familia Wharton (Rob, Kate, Aiden (10), Ethan (8), and Declan (6) set out on a crazy 49 Night Tour of Europe…starting in Venice. The family who favors the  “no plan – plan” ….had a plan and it was EPIC….9 countries………via plane (1), trains (13), ferries (4), and one hire […]

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Exuma – The Jewel of The Bahamas

Fyre Festival – Exuma Done Wrong. A shit storm of epic proportions went down in Exuma, The Bahamas last weekend…. Two amateur punks, (a rapper, and a marketer) attempted a music festival for entitled Millennials craving an “elitist” experience.  The concept: epic music festival on a remote Bahamian Island…..gourmet cuisine, top shelf liquor, yachts, posh tents, epic […]

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Girls Trip? Yes Please!

10 Reasons Why Girls Trips Rule 1. You Can Be Your Authentic Self. No judgment on a Girls Trip –  If you wanna dress up, dress down, or go skinny – nobody cares. 2. You Get to Relax. You can meditate, sleep, grab a massage, or lounge by the pool.  The world is your relaxing […]

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