Surviving Quarantine – Part 4

We made it! We survived Easter in quarantine.

Last Easter, I was shamelessly stalking Geishas in Kyoto, Japan and eating my weight in sushi. This year, I celebrated the on-time arrival of Easter chocolate via Amazon.

You couldn’t have convinced me a year ago that 1/2 the world would be in isolation. Yet, here we are.

The first Covid-19 case was reported to the World Health Organization 105 days ago. Spain has been in lockdown for over a month. The Holy Week (Semana Santa), the biggest religious celebration of the year was cancelled. For a country full of Catholics – that is a big deal.

Outdoor sports are still banned.

I crave unrestricted walks, and my regular tennis and padel games.

I miss restaurants, the buzz of people, and copas (wine) with friends.

Yet, I am not unhappy.

My tribe is making me proud. They have rolled with this whole debacle without complaint.  They remind me of how adaptable humans can be.

Although civilization has been forced into this surreal sheltered slumber – we must find ways to beat the monotony and overcome the darkness that wants to creep into our days.

As Queen Elizabeth II eloquently stated in her recent address:

As dark as death can be, particularly for those suffering with grief, light and life are greater.

On that note – here are my current ideas on what to watch, read, and do through quarantine.


If you missed Andrea Bocelli live from the Duomo di Milano – you should have a watch. It was a bit of magical living history.

Lady Gaga has organised a benefit concert for April 18th. The event will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Colbert. Performers include Alanis Morissette, Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder, Elton John, Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder. That is a lineup that promises amazing things.


Laughter is good soul medicine.

These classic SNL ads are guaranteed to crack you up:

Nike Women’s Ad – SNL

Levis Wokes – SNL

While diving down the SNL video rabbit hole, I found The Longest Days of Our Lives – Corona comedy gold by Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Wig, and Will Ferrell, performed all on Zoom.

The Tonight Show is running @home editions. A recent episode with Tina Fey and the awesome José Andrés, the legendary Chef behind WCK (World Central Kitchen), and all their kids are worth the watch.

Also, who knew Rita Wilson, aka Mrs Tom Hanks, is really funny? Watch her rock out to – Hip Hop Hurray while recovering from Covid-19 in Australia.

TV Series

As previously mentioned in other posts – I’m not much of a TV gal but I’m currently addicted to Outlander, and The Handmaids Tale (THT)

Almost regrettably, I forayed into The Tiger King

Jeezus. It’s a serious delve into batshit crazy.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

Hunter S. Thompson

That basically sums up the Tiger King. Not sure if I recommend it – it’s a total train wreck of feral craziness.


In Surviving Quarantine-Part 3, I shared my obsession with the romance genre. But as a reader, I read everything.

Over the last few years, I’ve found my way to poetry. Not the traditional T.S. Elliot brand or the mind-numbing verses that were forced upon us in school. These days – modern poets have a sexy edge and sharpness about them.

Spoken Word poet – Hollie McNish – is a lyrical master. You may have seen one of her explosive tirades online.


Atticus is a 20-something Canadian masked mystery. His prose on the messiness of life and love make me swoon. I keep two of his books on my bedside table.

I worry there is something broken in our generation, there are too many sad eyes on happy faces.


Hannah Sullivan’s new book – Three Poems – is crafted with deep thoughts and clever phrasing on birth, love, and death.


Other News

  • The world can expect a coronial panda by the end of 2020 after two pandas (Ying Ying & Li Li) mated at a Hong Kong zoo.


Two Hong Kong pandas mate during quarantine


  • In Pennsylvania, lockdown made this 93-year-old woman rather thirsty. The old gal held up a sign for her neighbours with a plea for more beer.
93 year old woman pleas for more beer
Source: Huff Post

Coors Light obliged, and dropped her 150 cans to see her through the coming weeks.


  • There may not be a baby boom at the end of quarantine. The Coronavirus has ramped up sex toy & condom sales by 40% in some countries.
Photo source:


Virtual Happy Hours

I’m missing copas with friends but loving virtual happy hours on FaceTime, Zoom and WhatsApp. Quarantine has been a great opportunity to connect with people.

Virtual happy hours can extend to book club meetings or just an excuse to pour a glass of wine and catch up with a friend or family member. Oh, and drink your good wine! There’s really no good reason not to.

Epicurious takes these 6 classic cocktails up a notch.

Quarantine offers up a good excuse to dust off the unused bottles in your liquor cabinet. If not now, when?



What’s everyone making? People seem obsessed with baking. Not me. Although, I’m slightly tempted to jump on the bread-making bandwagon that everyone is on.

Baking aside, I am cooking a lot. Frankly, I’m a bit over it.

But not complaining. I’m grateful for fresh ingredients that allow me to prepare healthy food for my brood. That is a luxury never to be taken for granted. Especially when so many people are going without right now.

So, if you have anything to spare, consider a donation to a local food bank or to World Central Kitchen.



Virtual Travel

The internet allows you to travel from the comfort of your favourite screen.

See cherry blossoms in bloom as you virtually tour Japan, or watch a feed of an empty Shibuya Crossing.

Virtually hike the Great Wall of China or catch the Northern Lights.

Whatever you want to see, and wherever you care to go. There are great sites to take you there.

World Heritage Sites

National Parks

The Future

It’s looking like the Coronavirus will be with us for a while.

I’m pretty sure that my boys will not see the inside of a classroom until September.

Still, we’re making optimistic plans for the summer, but being cautious in our expectations.

I do know – whatever the next few weeks or months throws at us – we will adapt and manage. We all will.

In the meantime – stay well and be kind to yourself.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Kate. x

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  1. Hola, kate. Gracias por este momento de lectura. Me siento más positiva.
    Me he divertido mucho con la foto de la abuela.
    Un abrazo.

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