Guapas Under the Tuscan Sun

A Week in Tuscany…

A couple of years ago, I sat on a train from Milan to Rome watching the Tuscan country side pass in blurry fragments.

Those brief glimpses were enough to have me dreaming of a return.

Tuscany continuously called my name. And SCREAMED Girls Trip!

I mulled over the logistics before sending an email to my tribe. When enough “hell yeahs”, came firing back.. Tuscany was happening.

A year later, we sat in our beautiful villa, periodically pinching ourselves. The Tuscan backdrop was stunning. The villa was beyond perfect, and the prosecco was well stocked.

The lovely owners came and cooked on request and catered to our every need. The daughter, Margherite, is a massage therapist.

Beautiful Tuscany @jamiewisewerner

Our Villa, Villa di Capannole, was situated in the heart of Tuscany in a tiny village called Bucine.  Pronounced -bu-sha-nay, for anyone looking to perfect their Italian. 😉. For wine lovers, Bucine is situated between Chianti and Montepulciano. 

Bucine is a short drive to the gorgeous medieval town of Arezzo. It’s probably most notable for being featured in the movie: Life is Beautiful.

This was our first day of exploring as a group. Most of us did Firenze (Florence) on arrival. FYI, If you want amazing Italian leather, Florence is the place.




The next day, Wednesday, is market day in Siena. The Siena market is large and fabulous for cheap clothes. It’s held in La Lizza Park from 8:30 till 1:30.  Siena has a medieval cityscape and is one of the most famous cities in Tuscany. 

The final exploration day was spent between PienzaMontepulciano and trying to find the Prada factory. We never did find Prada.  However,  we stumbled upon Montepulciano and Pienza. These gorgeous towns blew me away. Small, quaint, tucked neatly into the ancient Tuscan hills. I absolutely loved them!

Views of Pienza & Montepulciano

The final day we relaxed at home before parting ways. Some spent a final night in Rome eating one last fabulous Italian meal.

We all left sated, puffy and beaming.

More importantly we left RECONNECTED. We all laughed so hard we cried and possibly even peed….just a little.

Though this awesome week together: we drank. ate, talked, chilled and we RECHARGED. Girls Trips are not only FUN, they’re SOUL MEDICINE. We chicas need this time to disconnect from the demands of our lives. Away from our partners, careers, kids and daily grind. Cause you know what? We come home energized and HAPPY. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and we’ve missed life at home. Better yet, we can tell we’ve been missed.

Poppies, or the poopies (as the locals say). @jamiewisewerner

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