Girls Trip? Yes Please!

10 Reasons Why Girls Trips Rule

1. You Can Be Your Authentic Self.

No judgment on a Girls Trip –  If you wanna dress up, dress down, or go skinny – nobody cares.


2. You Get to Relax.

You can meditate, sleep, grab a massage, or lounge by the pool.  The world is your relaxing oasis.


3. You Don’t Have to Adult.

Check your serious side at the door. You’re allowed to be as silly or ridiculous as you want. Your girls will likely cheer you on.


4. Shopping.

Women together….inevitably should lead to a little shopping. You seem to find the best stuff with your entourage.


5. Girl Talk.

There is nothing better than girl talk especially over tapas or other nibbles.  You get to talk about everything and you’re allowed to be as FILTHY as you want!!!


6. The Love.

Girls Trips bring out the love. You just can’t make it up. It’s real and pure.


7. Wine Time.

It is pretty much all the time. Consider it research as you sample the local grapes.

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. – Katherine Hepburn


8. Mimosas for Breakfast & Siestas.

There are no rules. Day drinking is allowed and often encouraged, but never mandatory.

Warning: Day Drinking may Lead to Siestas. Also, totally okay.


9. You Make Awesome Memories.

Baby, YOLO! The memories you build are priceless and will stay with you forever.


10. You Will Laugh, and Laugh…Until You Cry…..or Pee. 

Laughter is medicine for the soul. Your Girlfriends light you up effortlessly and erase your stress.



Where’s your next Girls Trip and where are you going? Need help planning. Leave a comment below.



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5 thoughts on “Girls Trip? Yes Please!

  1. How FAB!! Love the blog; congrats 🙂 … Viva Girls Trips … Viva Italia … Viva gathering around the world and around this warm connecting Cyber Campfire <3 (and adore these gorgeous Jamie Wise Warner photos!!) Brava!!!

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