Tips for Hosting a Kick Ass Ladies Lunch

Hosting a kick-ass ladies lunch

Ladies Spring Lunch

In celebration of Spring and Women’s History Month, I recently hosted a fun luncheon for some of my favourite fellow Moms.

Here are a few tips on how to set the tone for a stress-free and relaxed afternoon.

Tip 1

Set the Theme. Mine was Spring-inspired so I went uber-feminine. Once the theme is set – it’s easy to decorate and accessorize. I used flowers, doilies, fans, pompoms, pretty paper plates (Talking Tables), and even butterflies!

Tip 2

Send out your invites. I love WhatsApp for party planning. It’s not fancy but it’s efficient. Also, remember to cast the net wide. A Ladies Lunch is a great way to expand your network and to meet like-minded women. As an Expat living in Spain, I’m hugely fortunate to live in a community of diverse and cool women.

Tip 3

Make it a potluck. I provided drinks and some small nibbles but my guests provided lunch. With such an International hodgepodge – the food was a multitude of deliciousness. Also, let your guests have full control of their dishes. Sometimes you get loads of savory items and other times you get loads of desserts. Either way, it’s a win!

Tip 4

Serve bubbles because well why wouldn’t you? Nothing sets the mood like a bit of bubbly. When in Spain – serve Cava, of course. I love the Conde de Haro, from Muga Winery. Put a strawberry in the bottom of the glass to spritz it up!

Tip 5

Provide a little inspiration. I’m a firm believer in lifting my peeps up. A bit of inspiration goes a long way and you never know when one of your girls might need a few encouraging words. Plus who doesn’t love a kick-ass woman like Helen Mirren?

Additional Tips

  • Keep it light. Serve lunch buffet style. Have a loose start time and encourage guests to arrive when they can. We’re all busy with work schedules, kids, etc… It’s easy for life to get in the way of our fun.
  • Have a kick-ass playlist cued up. Apple Music has two great ones:
  • Ditch the plastic and use Vimov. eco-friendly utensils available on Amazon.
  • Enjoy yourself! If you’re having a good time then chances are your guests are too!

If you enjoyed this post then please leave me some love in the comment section. Cheers to you and may your next party or luncheon be a smashing success!


Kate. x

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9 thoughts on “Tips for Hosting a Kick Ass Ladies Lunch

  1. Super fun tips – and I always love the way you say things! I especially appreciate the idea of making it a pot luck; it takes away the stress and puts the focus on getting together. Love it all.

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