Euro Wanderlust Tour – Quick Stop in Vienna (Wein)


We arrived late in Vienna…nearly midnight. Boys were tired and cranky from the last 7 hours (our longest journey) on the train. The last few hours were dark and rainy.

No views.  We were left listening to the moan of the train gliding on the wet tracks and whatever entertainment our iPad(s) could provide.


Our former au pair met us at the hotel and will stay with us to play tour guide tomorrow.

Mozart Memorial, Vienna

Lucky us! We have an entourage! friends of my in-laws will also tour  the city with us.

OMG – lucky us indeed. Nina, Hans and Helga were exceptional tour guides. We had live historical audio.  They walked us past all the popular spots….St. Stephen’s Cathedral, The Opera House and The Palace. We even did a cheesy carriage ride.

Unfortunately being Sunday, all the shops were closed. Had a fab traditional lunch….ghoulash, schnitzel, and apfel strudel. When in Wein, right? Delicious.

Day ended with a final farewell drink to H & H and some more stories from Hans. The evening was spent watching the  Wimbledon Final at An aussie Pub.

Full Day – everyone hit their pillows hard. Budapest Tomorrow.

Note: In case you forgot….Djokovik kicked The Fed’s ass that year.

What are your top Vienna picks? Planning a trip to Vienna? Hit me up and I’ll help point you in the right direction,

Coincidently, I’ll be in Vienna next week. This time sans kids.

We’ll be celebrating birthdays/anniversaries, wine touring and eating a lot!

Steirereck is on the dining list (currently #10 in the world), and so Much More. but, SHHHHHH….I can’t say anything else, or I’ll ruin the surprise.

Stay tuned….The next Vienna post will have a lot more info.

I promise.




2 thoughts on “Euro Wanderlust Tour – Quick Stop in Vienna (Wein)

  1. Will look for your next post. We will be in Vienna next month. I’ve been before but it has been 20 years.

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