Running is Hard

I ran today. I actually f’cking ran. And man, it was not pretty. On any level. But I did it.  I finally put on my big girl pants and laced up my long-retired running shoes. If you read my last post:  Joyless January, you might remember that I was flirting with the idea of getting […]

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Joyless January – Survival Hacks

It’s the last day of January! Many of you made it through Joyless January. Congratulations! Many of you fell off the wagon – don’t sweat it. All-out cold turkey is not necessarily a recipe for success. Poco a poco is much more civilized. Is it me? Or is January a bit of a lackluster shit […]

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Tennis – Winners, Losers and Legends

Okay, so I really love tennis. I love to watch it, and I love to play it. I love the endurance aspect of it and the mental toughness it demands. My love affair with tennis started in The Bahamas nearly 18 years ago. I fully credit my initial love of the game to my legend […]

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A Fiver for Australia.

Getty Images

We obviously can’t rush Down Under to save the koalas. Nor can we summons up the Rain Gods by doing a dance. Most of us would be entirely useless to a local fire brigade. But that doesn’t render us helpless. By skipping a Starbucks coffee for a day, or two – you can help. There is an initiative called: #fightfirewithafiver. It’s brilliant and if everyone pulls together – your few dollars can make a huge impact.

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Bahamas – Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Two weeks ago, Hurricane Dorian began a savage path of destruction that obliterated most of the Northern Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian decimated the Abaco Islands and East Grand Bahama…..

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The Bag On The Train

Madrid - The Bag on the Train

It wasn’t until we were in the taxi heading to Atocha Station that shit got really interesting and not in a great way.

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Notre-Dame Blaze – A Perspective

The Initial News Like the rest of the world, I was horrified to wake up to the news that  Notre-Dame de Paris was lit up in flames. It was truly disheartening and shocking to see the footage of the beautiful (850 year-old) Parisian masterpiece ablaze. I’m in Japan and was a bit late to get […]

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