A Fiver for Australia.

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We obviously can’t rush Down Under to save the koalas. Nor can we summons up the Rain Gods by doing a dance. Most of us would be entirely useless to a local fire brigade. But that doesn’t render us helpless. By skipping a Starbucks coffee for a day, or two – you can help. There is an initiative called: #fightfirewithafiver. It’s brilliant and if everyone pulls together – your few dollars can make a huge impact.

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Paul McCartney – Gets by with a “Little Help from His Friends”.

Last Sunday, I was at London’s O2 Arena for the final show of McCartney’s Freshen Up Tour. We got the tickets ages ago and heard from many dubious people not to bother seeing the show as people said his voice “was gone”. In the end, I’m really glad we didn’t listen  because the whole performance from start […]

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Hamilton – “Do Not Miss Your Shot”, See It!

Hamilton, the musical

Last weekend, we went to London to see “Hamilton”, and it was off the charts good! So good, that I will even venture to say the best musical produced in my lifetime, and we all know there’s been some great ones. The director, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has taken theatre to a different level with his “drop […]

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45 Things I know to be True….at 45.

Suck it up!

Last month, I turned 45! I’ve always embraced my age and love celebrating my birthday. Actually, I just love birthdays in general. It’s the one day of year when it’s truly your day when all things are about you. This last birthday came with some reflection now that I’m officially middle aged….cause yes, I’m hoping […]

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