A Fiver for Australia.

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We obviously can’t rush Down Under to save the koalas. Nor can we summons up the Rain Gods by doing a dance. Most of us would be entirely useless to a local fire brigade. But that doesn’t render us helpless. By skipping a Starbucks coffee for a day, or two – you can help. There is an initiative called: #fightfirewithafiver. It’s brilliant and if everyone pulls together – your few dollars can make a huge impact.

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Bahamas – Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Two weeks ago, Hurricane Dorian began a savage path of destruction that obliterated most of the Northern Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian decimated the Abaco Islands and East Grand Bahama…..

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The Bag On The Train

Madrid - The Bag on the Train

It wasn’t until we were in the taxi heading to Atocha Station that shit got really interesting and not in a great way.

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Notre-Dame Blaze – A Perspective

The Initial News Like the rest of the world, I was horrified to wake up to the news that  Notre-Dame de Paris was lit up in flames. It was truly disheartening and shocking to see the footage of the beautiful (850 year-old) Parisian masterpiece ablaze. I’m in Japan and was a bit late to get […]

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Tips for Hosting a Kick Ass Ladies Lunch

Hosting a kick-ass ladies lunch

Serve bubbles because well why wouldn’t you? Plus nothing sets the mood like a bit of bubbly. When in Spain – serve Cava, of course. I love the Conde de Haro, from Muga. Put a strawberry in the glass to spritz it up!

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Paul McCartney – Gets by with a “Little Help from His Friends”.

Paul McCartney at London’s O2 Arena Last Sunday, I was at London’s O2 Arena for the final show of Paul McCartney’s Freshen Up Tour. We got the tickets ages ago and heard from many dubious people not to bother seeing the show as people said his voice “was gone”. In the end, I’m really glad we didn’t […]

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Hamilton – “Do Not Miss Your Shot”, See It!

Hamilton, the musical

Last weekend, we went to London to see “Hamilton”, and it was off the charts good! So good, that I will even venture to say the best musical produced in my lifetime, and we all know there’s been some great ones. The director, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has taken theatre to a different level with his “drop […]

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