Surviving Quarantine – Part 3

Day 20 of lockdown in southern España.

Happy to report – we are well and somewhat sane. Remarkably.

Like the rest of the world – we’re finding our new “normal” through the lockdown. The daily challenge is preventing every day from becoming Groundhog Day. 

The boys have adapted well – the online school has been a huge help. I fear for next week as they will be off for Easter Break. The days are about to get much longer!

I have put many of my previous recommendations to work in trying to quell monotony. However,  I haven’t had much free time. Sounds crazy, right? But I’ve been busy making sure that my household ship doesn’t run ashore. My kitchen has never had such a workout. All five of us seem to be exceptionally hungry through quarantine and I worry that my dishwasher might actually blow up.

The kids are going through clothes at a weird rate too. They enjoy not having to wear a uniform and seem to change their clothes between classes. I prefer to stay in my jammies until I have to walk the dog. At which point I put on workout attire as motivation to actually sweat at some point in the day  – it seems to work.

Tips to Stay Sane

In my previous posts: Surviving Quarantine, and Surviving Quarantine – Part 2, I gave some links for good distractions and tips on how to stay busy through quarantine.

This post expands on those and offers a few more.


Turn Off the News

Are you anxious? If so, turn off the damn news and limit your internet surfing to positive news. Honestly, it will cut your anxiety in half. If you are compelled to surf  — look for positive stories. Focus on who has recovered from Covid-19, and the medical heroes working around the clock that saved them.

Covid-19 – Good News

Set a Schedule

I’ve read a couple of articles written by ex-military. You know the guys that live in closed quarters without any privacy for months on end? Almost all of them talk about the importance of routine. Something as simple as making your bed can set a positive tone for the rest of your day.

Although I hate to say it– you should probably get dressed too.  I could live in my pajamas all day, every day. But I know it sets the tone for a super lazy day. Better to get dressed and have a bit of a plan.

Make Space/Give Space

Some of us are living in small quarters and aren’t getting breaks for personal space. Be mindful of this. It’s okay to ask for a timeout and don’t be offended if your spouse or child asks for one.

If you and your spouse are both working from home. Give yourselves as much distance as possible. Work on different floors if that is an option and only “meet for lunch or Happy Hour”.


Don’t force this. If you are feeling super productive – fabulous. If not, don’t sweat it. Having your family under the same roof 24/7 is hard work in itself. Alternatively being alone all day might make you feel glum and not very motivated.

I think we all envisioned the great projects we would do under quarantine – I still have some ambition. But I really underestimated how much time my tribe would require. So, I’m relaxing those goals and focusing on keeping on top the day-to-day challenges as they crop up.


This is an important one.

Even if you aren’t feeling terribly motivated. It’s important to stay healthy and that means you have to move. My boys (big one too) are doing a push-up challenge. Which is funny. They set alarms & drop at random times and bang out 15-30 pushups….boys. This is a great distraction for them and ignites their competitive nature.

In case you’re interested:


I am not doing a push-up challenge but I carve out time for Morning Meltdown 100. Today I switched it up and did an online yoga class with the lovely Mara.

A bit of inspiration for the aspiring yogini.


Keep up with your Peeps

Reach out to your tribe.

This is paramount especially to those that live alone. Historically, I’ve been terrible about calling my parents. Being on a 6 hour time difference doesn’t help either. But through quarantine, I’ve upped my game. It’s been nice.

I am so thankful for FaceTime, the internet, and the cool Apps that are keeping us connected. The jokes fly around on Whatsapp at a dizzying rate and are usually worthy of the distraction. Be careful though – they can suck you down a rabbit hole. You don’t want to spend your whole day randomly texting.


Are you reading yet?

I just finished one of my book club books: The Binding. Took a bit to get into (a bit long in dialogue) but well written. After 1/3 of the way  – the pages turn themselves. Our club will meet online to discuss. The upside – lots of drinks because nobody has to drive.

As some know – I have a bit of a soft spot for romance novels. Here are 5 of my recent faves that shouldn’t disappoint. All cleverly written and some steamy AF.

Household Chores

Anybody else experiencing household chaos? I already mentioned that my kitchen was maxed out. So I took over complete control of the galley. Otherwise, I couldn’t keep track of what I’d stocked and what was flying out of the pantry. It’s a bit more work but a lot more manageable when trying to meal plan.

Organize the kitchen so everyday items are readily accessible. Since you are cooking more – spices should be handy.  Pull out the crockpot and leave it on the counter. That baby can do amazing things and saves loads of time.

Try doubling up recipes and/or making things that can be reused the next day. For example, extra bolognese sauce can easily be converted to a chili.

Put the kids to work. I might prepare the food but everyone is capable of pulling their weight by sharing in the clean-up. It should not fall to one person –  act as a team.

Try these easy recipes:

Apples with Honey & Crushed Walnuts


Missing Nature

If your lockdown is strict like here in Spain – you might be missing the outdoors.

Follow these landscape photographers for some great scenery.

This article shows footage of clearing canals in Venice.


Theatres around the globe are offering free productions on line.

5 Theatres in London Streaming

This is a devastating time for the global economy as a whole.  Not spared is the Arts World. Consider purchasing a ticket to a streamed show.

Marin Theatre

Make Plans

I know it’s hard to make future plans without a crystal ball.  But this too shall pass and it’s good to have things to look forward to.

Plan for fall of 2020 and all of 2021.

The world will be forever changed by Covid-19 but it’s not the end of the travel. Borders will reopen. European Cities steeped in history will lure people once again. Dramatic coastlines will continue to enchant sea lovers. Sweeping fjords and majestic alps will still call our names.

Perhaps though – we’ll embrace our future experiences with more gratitude. Never again will we take for granted the embrace of a distant loved one. For now – you can plan for that next embrace.


Lockdown Humour






Thank you for reading! I hope you’re surviving your quarantine lockdown. Do you have any tips? Words of advice? Leave a comment below.

Much LOVE, Kate. x

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