Surviving Quarantine – Part 2

Day 11 – Lockdown in Spain

Lockdown with family means we can leave the house to get food & pharmacy items – one person only. We can access ATMs & essential service workers can continue working. This seems to extend to tradespeople as well.  All bars, restaurants, theatres, churches, clubs, etc. are closed until April 11, 2020 (this may get extended). We can walk our dog (one person only), as long as you stay in close proximity to your casa. The

The general expectation is to remain indoors unless absolutely necessary. No outdoor activities. So no hiking, biking, running, etc. All beaches & parks are closed. The military police the Highways and the Guardia patrol the streets and the skies.

IMG_8608 (1)

My hope is that the rest of the world will follow suit. I know many of you are. For the rest of you – WTF? You are smarter than that.

When people started hoarding toilet paper several weeks ago – it was clear that many just didn’t get the gist of things.

But we’ve now all had time to come to grips with the gravity of this nasty bitch. If you haven’t then I urge you to pick up a newspaper – watch the news. Google the meaning of the pandemic.  You will find that you are very late to the party and that Covid-19 is everywhere.

The sooner we all comply and stay at home – the sooner we all get our lives back. For those in the US. Here’s an excellent website that projects COVID-19 by State.

More Tips on How to Stay Sane

So in my last post Surviving Quarantine, I gave some links on how to stay busy from the comfort of your home.

This post expands on those tips and offers a few more tips on surviving lockdown with your family.


What’s everyone watching? This is a golden time to go back & binge on a movie series.


IMDB lists the Best Movies Series of all time. If your kids haven’t seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Back to the Future both are fun ones to bust out on family movie night.

Chick Flicks

  • RedBook Magazine  – Lists their Top 20
  • Cosmo – gives you 42 more options to make you swoon (Dirty Dancing) or reach for the tissues (Steel Magnolias).



  • Rolling Stone – Rolls out their Top 40 list of Greatest Animated Movies of all Time.


There should be no shortage of time to catch up on your reading backlog.

Top 5 Books I’ve recently read:

  • Ask Again, Yes – Mary Beth Keane
  • 21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Yuval Noah Harari
  • The Testaments – Margaret Atwood
  • Olive Kitteridge –  Elizabeth Strout
  • Educated – Tara Westover

Good Reads has compiled two noteworthy lists:

Keep in Touch with your Peeps

There are so many cool ways to virtually connect with friends and family.

Did you know that FaceTime allows up to 35 people per call?

If you haven’t downloaded Zoom – you definitely should.

There is absolutely no excuse not to host an online cocktail party this weekend, or meet online with friends for Happy Hour. Also, reach out to those that are harboring this storm on their own. They’ll be glad you did.


Set a goal. My husband ordered a Rubik’s cube that he plans to master. My middle son has taken up juggling. I’ve decided I want to be able to do the splits again. I know, random. But there are no rules – be creative, you’ll come up with something.


Put the kids to work. My kids are actually quite useless around the house. So we’re taking this time to learn how to do laundry and to learn how to cook a few things. This begs the question – Why have I waited so long?

TV Series

Admittedly, I am not a big TV watcher. But, I am hooked on two series.

Highly recommend both.

Binge Watch Recommends:

Make Plans for the Future

This too shall pass. Couch surf for your next holiday – plan a few months out. The tourist industry is going to need our support. Think about supporting your domestic economy by planning to explore your own country. Regardless of where you go – your dollars will be needed everywhere.


I’m not a big YouTuber but my kids can watch it hours on end.

Our eldest son has a music channel that might resonate with teens.

My friend Suzanne (very fun) does an inspirational channel where she covers everything from living room dance parties to puppet shows for kids. Check her out:

Don’t Watch or Read Too Much News

I know this is hard and we need to stay informed. But with all the fear-mongering – best to disconnect once in a while or at least keep it light.

Funny News

Optimistic News

Stay Fit

Don’t underestimate the multitude of benefits that we get from fitness.

Own Your Goals Davina is offering a 30 Day free membership.

I subscribe to Beach Body – it’s been my go-to for years. Right now I’m doing Morning Meltdown 100 created by Jericho Matthews. Great way to energize and hopefully melt off the quarantine snacks.

If you’re looking for a whole-body reset. Check out this online program offered by the amazing Stacy Matthews.

Final Thoughts

Remember to be kind.

If you’re at the grocery store give elderly people loads of space. Let them go in front of you. We need to minimize their exposure. Be extra courteous to the cashier – he/she is risking a lot to be at work and their paycheque (likely) doesn’t reflect it. Aside from the amazing healthcare professionals – it’s the cashiers, truck drivers, and delivery people that are keeping us going right now. They deserve our gratitude.

I will leave you with a funny quote from a fellow Gen X.

Can’t even stay home for a weekend. Motherf#ckers, it’s not hard. You turn on the TV or pick up a book. AND YOU F#CKING SIT THERE – NO ONE CARES THAT YOU’RE BORED.


People – we can do this. We can shelter in place as long as necessary. We will curve this beast. We must.

If you need someone to talk to – you’re not alone. Reach out – I’ll be right here. x

Magnifico Madrid
The Gran Via in the majestic city of Madrid. Spain in Solidarity.


Cone Heads
Human Cone Head


I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you for reading!

Surviving Quarantine

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Much LOVE, Kate. x

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