You Might Be an Expat or TCK if…….

An expat state of Mind

 1. The Idea of Home is Fluid.

“Where are you from?” is no longer a simple question. The idea of home is multidimensional.


2. You Separate Friends by Time Zones.

You have friends in all corners of the globe and have places to stay from Malaysia to Chile. The internet is your life line to friends and family, and for staying in the loop.


3. You’ve Developed a Strange Accent and Picked up a Plethora of Idioms.

One day you notice one of your children speaking with a posh British accent. Yet, you’ve never lived in the UK.


4. You’re Bilingual or Multilingual.

Or you can speak “taxi” and swear in several languages. You are astute at miming in any language.

Article from Babble

5. You Speak in Airport Identifiers.

You know the identifiers of your “regular spots”, and have at least 4 airports mapped in your mind for best eats, lounges and shopping.


6. Paperwork is a Full Time Job.

Passport renewals, VISAS, school forms, health forms, insurance forms. This is your permanent nightmare and to make matters worse…. the Spanish love everything in triplicate…..

mas copias por favor.


7. You’re a Boss at Arithmetic and Conversions.

You can convert at least 3 different currencies randomly and flow between Metric, Imperial….. Miles, Kms, Farenheit, Celsius….you’re down with it all.


8. You Always Have a Team to Root For or A Holiday to Celebrate.

Doesn’t matter if your passport country gets knocked out early, you’ve got plenty of backups. As for Holidays, yes please! You happily celebrate them all.


9. Adaptors and SIM Cards are Essential Packables.

This is a pain-in-the-ass. Someone needs to invent a universal SIM card and universal voltage.


10. It’s Never Goodbye, Only See You Later.

This never becomes easy as an expat or TCK, it’s a transient life and friends come and go. You make some very tight connections and often your friends become your surrogate family.

The good news:  The dear ones never truly leave you.


11. You’re Okay Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone.

In fact, you thrive on it. New foods, different wines, or zany adventures…’re up for anything!  Especially a chance to scratch your constant itchy feet – you seize every opportunity to travel.

expat life

12. You Kiss A Lot of Strangers.

Kissing is cultural and Europeans love to cheek smooch. Bahamians suffocate you with Bear Hugs. Canadians are masters of the Buddy Hug. Tough to keep it all straight. I’m a hugger by nature, but I’ve also become a cheek smoocher…and often go for the Dutch 3….might as well do it with gusto, right?!


I could go on…. and on….

But, I’d rather hear from you. Let me know if any of this rings true. Are you an Expat? TCK, or TCI?

Share your story.  Share my story.  Add to the list above.

Chat soon,


Expat Mom Raising TCKs

7 thoughts on “You Might Be an Expat or TCK if…….

  1. ….and Home doesn’t feel like home any more. I think this is going to be the case for me.

    Hopefully good feelings, but certainly won’t be what the kids expect!

  2. I have decided to now state on form where they want us to put a “racial origin” HUMAN, and to the question “where are you from” Planet earth!!! This rings so true to me!!!! I have made some excellent friends and distance does not matter! Thanks the Big Manitou for Internet!!!

  3. I think its easier for us, we knew the consequences when we started moving around – we choose this lifestyle … our kids from other hands, that’s a different story 🙂

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