One Year Down – A Blogger’s Journey

One year down for my Roamingmom blog. How many more to go?

It’s been just shy of a year since the inception of Roamingmom.

I launched Roamingmom on a whim after getting back from a trip to the UAE & Mauritius. I’d been hemming and hawing about blogging for a while but didn’t quite know how to go about it.

We had just returned from this incredible trip and I wanted to share our experiences in a format away from social media. So in a three-day sleepless whirlwind – roamingmom was born. Not sure about other parents, but I do my best work from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am….when the house is blissfully silent.

The first month was exciting and frustrating. It was nerve-racking too. Putting yourself out on the open internet is humbling indeed. You also run across problems you don’t count on – I recently deleted a post due to some strange backlash.

That weirdness aside, the response has been pretty good. Many of my friends and acquaintances have been wholly supportive. Others are dead quiet. From this, I’ve adopted a policy: If they’re not asking – don’t tell. That said: I’m super thrilled when people give me feedback. It totally makes my day and keeps me motivated to do another post.

Over this last year, my topics have been an array of random things.

My Faves:

Food & Wine:

Marqués de Riscal - 5 days of Spanish Wine
A luxury oasis among the vineyards of Rioja.


An expat state of Mind


Fight Terrorism - travel more
Pic from


swimming pigs - exuma
Exuma – The famous swimming pigs

My biggest self-criticism is that I don’t blog enough and it’s an accurate one. Successful blogs should post twice a week and I’m batting about one every other week. But, the struggle is real y’all. It’s not that I don’t have loads to write about. I’m just not sure who wants to read it and how to get it out there. I’ve been a bit of a shameless whore on Social Media and netted some positive results but not where you might think.  Twitter my friends has been GOLD. Who knew? Not me a year ago. I’ve also battled to learn the gobbledygook of SEO’s and the very basics of coding – this by far, is the worst part of my blogging journey. The good news is that I feel like I’ve conquered that pile of excrement and I can finally get down to more writing.

So the question is for how long? I don’t think I will blog endlessly to a smallish audience. It’s fun but it’s also time-consuming and at this stage of my life…I need every minute of my day. Plus, I’ve done this before.

Yep! This is not my first blogging rodeo. Fun little fact: I was a blogger fifteen years ago when blogging wasn’t cool and barely heard of. Not that it’s remotely cool now and it’s definitely not unique.  Here’s the back story: So Robby (DH) and I drove an RV all through North America, Mexico, and Belize. We had this crazy Sputnik-looking satellite on the roof that would pick up WiFi in far-flung places and I blogged my ass off while on the road.  We lost that site. Mostly cause it was the early days of the internet and I was completely clueless about how to upload anything. Thus I relied on someone to do it for me (bad move).  Long story short – the hosting site went down… blog and posts are long-lost.

I sometimes wonder: What if I never stopped blogging? So much has happened in the last fifteen years from babies to preteens; deep heartbreaks to exhilarating highs. Plus the miles – we’ve covered some serious distance over the years – ticking through our bucket list of travels.  It has truly been an epic ride. But hindsight is always 20/20, right? There are no do-overs….could’ve, should’ve but didn’t.

Fast forward to now. I hope these next fifteen years will be just as incredible, interesting, and blessed as the last. Hell, one day, I might be writing a post entitled: “Fifteen Years Down.” But, who knows? The world is moving so fast and becoming so small all at once.

I know that life is a journey of perfect imperfections. I hope you’ll stay with me while I share mine.

Much LOVE, Kate. x

P.S. Next stop is Phuket, Thailand. 😉

Hey! Did you enjoy this post? If so, let me know why. If not, also let me know why and then F*ck off! No! Just kidding. All feedback is welcome and encouraged. ❤️

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16 thoughts on “One Year Down – A Blogger’s Journey

  1. I love reading about all of your adventures! I look forward to your posts! Please keep the stories coming so I can live vicariously through you! ❤️

  2. What an adventure you are living! Our best work from 10-4… couldn’t agree more. I love that ‘blissful silence’ too, although mine are filled with a few more beeps! xxx

    1. It’s been a helluva ride!! You are a Super Mama who has definitely earned her cape these last few years. Keep on educating and sharing your journey…I’m always listening and learning. x

  3. Very enjoyable read, Kate! Proud I was part of your travels and life in the past years. Please give a big kiss to them boyssssss. X And keep on blogging, keep on hustlin!

    1. Chica! How are you? Still loving life in Berlin? I will kiss all the boys from you! They are massive now. 😉 x

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