45 Things I know to be True….at 45.

Suck it up!

Last month, I turned 45! I’ve always embraced my age and love celebrating my birthday. Actually, I just love birthdays in general. It’s the one day of year when it’s truly your day when all things are about you.

This last birthday came with some reflection now that I’m officially middle aged….cause yes, I’m hoping to see a healthy ninety…fingers and toes crossed. I found myself reflecting on life. The life lessons I’ve learned. The things I’ve done and the things I want to accomplish.

Through this reflection I came up with 45 Things I know to be True…

45 Things I Know to be True

  • Karma is real. Stick around long enough and you’ll see it bite someone in the ass.
  • As a parent, you are only as happy as your least happiest child.
  • Hydration is underrated – drinking water is the best, easiest, and healthiest thing you can do for your body.
  • The path to your desired location is rarely in a straight line.
  • Beauty takes many forms.
Jessica Alba’s campaign for: Honest Beauty
  • You must ask the correct question to get an accurate answer.
  • Life is better with gratitude.
  • Kind – it’s the best thing you can be.
  • Growing old is a privilege.
  • Love wins.
  • Life truly is more interesting out of your comfort zone. Embrace the Three C’s.
Photo credit to: givingthegiftwithin.xom
  • Learning a language (as an adult) is hard but rewarding.
  • Lip gloss and hoops can carry a gal through any occasion.
  • Nothing good happens after 2:00 am and I mean NOTHING – it took me a long time to learn this!
  • Sleep is essential and nothing beats a siesta on a hammock.
  • You are never too old to take up a new sport – I took up alpine skiing at 40, and am still determined to learn to surf.
  • Surfing is really effing hard – work in progress and really not pretty but I will get there,
  • Nurturing friendships is never a waste of time – my gals lift me up. https://roamingmom.com/2017/04/24/guapas-tuscan-sun/
Things that are true
Your friends lift you up!
  • Move it or lose it – staying active keeps the aches and pains at bay.
  • Sex is fun and healthy.  Nurturing your marriage is essential to keeping it happy.
  • Dancing skills deteriorate with age – at least mine do.
  • Life is too short to drink shit wine – the hang over from said shit wine is never worth it.
  • Never wear tight underwear.
  • Collect experiences not things. Stuff does not make you happy.
  • Always say “YES” to travel.
  • Don’t go to bed angry.
  • A little crazy makes the world go round. A lot of crazy is toxic.
  • My family loves me unconditionally. I love them unconditionally.
  • Tragedy and death are unavoidable. Time helps to heal.
  • Skinny dipping lifts your soul and sleeping naked feels good.
Little dudes skinny dipping off a pier in Phuket, Thailand


  • On religion: I believe that the only true religion consists of having a good heart – Dalai Lama.
  • Good manners never fail to impress.
  • A hug makes you feel better. Don’t be quick to break away from one.
  • Texting friends/family is never as good as hearing their voice or seeing them on FT or in person.
  • Read, read, read – you can’t possibly read enough.
  • Pets complete a household. I miss Kob! But we have a new puppy coming home soon!
  • You are most definitely good enough – we’re all just winging it for the most part.
  • Fake it till you make it. Confidence sells.
  • Home is a feeling not a place.
  • Travel opens your mind and makes you more tolerant.


Fight Terrorism - travel more - true things
Pic from http://www.blog.roomnhouse.com
  • Say I love you regularly to your children, parents, spouse, and anybody else you adore. They can never hear it enough.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff or the big stuff (too much) – Put your big girl or boy pants on and work through it.  You can handle it!
  • Eat the cake – just not all of it.
  • Life is richer when you slow down and enjoy the small moments.
  • Me time is essential – you are the best version of yourself when you make time for you.


I want to hear from you! Tell me what you’ve learned to be true so far on your journey.

I’ll be waiting.


Kate ❤️

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12 thoughts on “45 Things I know to be True….at 45.

  1. Hey Readers, I hope you enjoyed the latest. Please give this a share if it resonates at all. I’d be truly grateful. Thank you. Kate. x

  2. Yeah! I made the blog photo!!!!! Excited for travelling and friends v. Soon! Also excited to hear puppy news!!! Extra few !!!!!! For luck !!!

    1. Of course you made the blog post. It’s actually not your first appearance. You are a repeat star at roamingmom. 😘. See you very soon!!! xx

  3. Love it!! I think you inspired me to self reflect my own life lessons as my 45th birthday approaches. Really is a great list to pass down. Our kids need every tool they can get. I’ll send you my list!

  4. It sounds like you have been enjoying life and learning a lot. These are all great words, I can definitely relate to so many of these.

    1. I am grateful for my experiences and life lessons. Still so much more to learn and see though! Thanks for reading.

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