Botox… Yea or Nay?


As I progress through my 40’s, I’m sometimes startled by photos of myself. I catch myself doing a double take…scrutinizing the lines around my eyes, my forehead and my face in general. During this scrutiny, I think about Botox.

I actually began avoiding selfies and close up pics. I blamed them for this new hyper awareness of mine. I also found myself staring at others and making comparisons.

What did I find? Loads of people sporting a shit ton of Botox!

Nobody really talks about getting “it” done.  However, the tell-tale signs are all over Facebook, Instagram and the media.  Creaseless foreheads and zero laugh lines aren’t a natural reality after 40.

Although the idea of paralyzing part of my face terrifies me. The Botoxers I know…look good….younger than their age.

So it begged the question…..Botox….yea or nay?

After a bit of consideration. My answer is nay and here’s why.

I never identified as the “pretty” one, the “smart” one, the “sporty” one, or the “preppy” one. I’m dating myself with the preppy term but you get what I mean. Pick your cliché moniker and it was never me.

I’ve alway been good with being me….sporty enough…pretty enough….smart enough, etc.

So at 40-something, I’m not going to subscribe to an alternative version of myself.

When I’m in BFR (bitchy resting face)….I have a few lines. But man, smiling face is starting to look like labyrinth face (LF). But, that is okay. It really is. I can own that I laugh with my eyes and my whole damn face.

I’ve discovered that I’m drawn to people’s lines. Fascinated even. They invite a story. Reveal personality. The deeper the lines, the wiser the face appears and the more intrigued I am. In many cases, I find these life/laugh lines sexy as hell.

So for now… Botox for this Mama. I’ll keep doing me and see what happens.

I will still remain a sucker for a great moisturizer and drink loads of water because I’m not totally throwing in the towel.

As for the wrinkles, let them come as they may…..I kind’ve welcome them.


This piece is not intended to sway, demean or criticize anyone. Choices are always individual and personal. Whatever floats your boat, lifts your spirits and makes you feel good about yourself…. is the right choice for you.  x

both or cherry chapstick?

What’s your story? Thoughts on Botox? Please leave your thoughts and stories.





6 thoughts on “Botox… Yea or Nay?

  1. I like what I am reading and I am totally there with you!!! I am now 55, 56 later on this month. Like you the idea of injecting stuff which will paralyze part of my body petrifies me. I would also say that I have earned each single lines, they are my battle scars! Even if obviously I would prefer not having those lines. I also would prefer to have the body and the energy I had when I was 25 but I have so much more now! I also noticed that if I smiles, the “ones” above my top lips (which I really don’t like) are, by magic, gone. I know a few (well quite a lot) who use “stuff” and after a while a lot seems to use more and more “stuff” and more and more often and end up looking a bit like aliens and I can’t help but staring. The artist in me notices the small “frozen/plumed” details. I believe that nowadays too much importance is put on the exterior with some putting hundreds of photos of themselves on all the social media. I remember reading In my mum’s etiquette book that you could not say of a woman that she was beautiful unless you knew her well as to be a beautiful woman, you had to be beautiful inside out, be kind, caring, generous and pretty. I think like you that lines add character to a face, make it more interesting. A smooth face can be a bit plain, without interest, where are the twinkling eyes with those lovely laughing lines?!?!? Like you this is only my humble opinion and I won’t judge anyone who feel better using “stuff” but that’s not for me.

    1. Oh Beautiful Martine….(I’ve earned that right)……you are truly a gem. You are also an ageless beauty. I know your artistic eye is discerning and like me….the lines reveal character and are oh so intriguing as you grow to accept them. Love you Lady!!! xx

  2. Loved this post! Love your selfies. And absolutely love the term LF!!! Lol! Good shit, kate. Good shit! and good food for thought…. I’m hanging on the NAY side for now 😉

    1. Damn Girl. I love your ass. I read your comments and it feels like you are sitting next to me. Miss you. Love you…..your support lifts me and motivates me. Thanks Friend. xx

  3. hee hee hee, who needs a facelift when you have friends like us to lift you! xooxoxoxxo

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