Catching Covid

Covid be damned

I finally caught it, or I should say, it finally caught me.

Pretty much two years to the day after The WHO announced the COVID pandemic – I tested positive for the ‘VID.

Covid’s been a long schlepp for all of us. However, it finally seems to be scaling down to endemic status. As my friend pointed out to me:

Your having Covid is so 2021.

Many countries have dropped the masks, and the UK has forged on with their “Living with Covid” mandate. The 95-year-old badass Queen recently kicked Covid’s ass in True Keep Calm and Carry On fashion. It’s time. All of us who can be, and want to be our vaxxed and boosted.

Hopefully, this will be my last COVID isolation and my last COVID post. I’ve quarantined more times than I can count, had more “close contacts” than can be tracked and PCR tested to the tune of hundreds, and hundreds of dollars.

How’s My Covid?

Initially, I thought it was a sinus infection as that’s usually what takes me down. Snuffy nose, sinus headache, and generally achy. Took a test – negative. Vindicated, I plodded on treating my “sinus infection”.

Then, my son was sent home from school with a fever – 37.5 – not really a fever, but in COVID-19 times – it’s a flag. He too tested negative.

I was starting to feel better by the next day and kept my son home from school as a precaution. He barely sneezed or sniffled. The following day, it was time to return to school but not before a lateral flow test and BINGO,  he was Positive. I re-tested and BAM, I was Positive. DAMN, Covid!

The other guys are still negative.

Today, 5 days in – feeling good. Bit of a throaty cough and my smell and taste come and go. It’s so bizarre. I keep testing it by smelling everything.  The other night, my sense of smell completely disappeared. I tried dousing myself in perfume. Nothing. So I went to bed and woke up in the morning gagging. My room smelled like a brothel. My sense of smell was back. So weird. Anyway, no fever, no aches, normal energy, etc. My son is totally fine.

I’m taking all my vitamins (C, D, Zinc, Quercetin), eating all the immune-boosting food, and taking walks.  Does it help? Dunno. But it definitely doesn’t hurt!

Will Everyone Get It?

My husband was told by a doctor early in the pandemic:

Eventually, everyone will get it.

Was he right? Looking that way. Conservatively speaking, 65 percent of people that I know have had COVID. Many over last Christmas when the Omicron variant was dancing around the globe. The consensus is generally the same – “felt like a cold”. Some described it as a “bad cold”. I rate this to be about a 3/10 against other colds, flu, and general lurgy I’ve had through my years. I know I’m lucky. I have a watered-down version of the virus. Vaccines work.

I’m super grateful that I’ve had 3 vaccine doses. My first two doses were Sinopharm, which Canada would not recognize last summer. Which led to an unnecessary 14-day quarantine. A reminder of how much mismanagement has occurred throughout these last two years. Anyway, folks, the Sinopharm did its job.  I had a Pfizer booster (over 6 months ago) which also did its job. Severe disease avoided. Now, I’m building natural antibodies. Yeah!

Spread the Love

Should be noted that all the people living in first-world countries have had vaccines that wanted them. There is still a large portion of our global population who do not have access to vaccines.

This is the current situation in Africa as of February 22, 2022 (WHO);

So far, only Mauritius and Seychelles have met the 70 per cent target. Seven other countries have vaccinated around 40 per cent of their population.

Twenty-one countries have fully vaccinated less than 10 per cent, while 16 have vaccinated less than five per cent, and three have fully vaccinated less than two per cent.

We need to remedy the vaccine inequity if we truly want to see an end to COVID-19. If we don’t this will continue to exist, mutate and jump borders. The first world does not need a fourth shot. The poor and underprivileged countries need access to their first and second shots.

Don’t Fear It

If you’ve had your vaccines, and are generally healthy and not immune-compromised – Covid is likely a few days of unpleasantness and more time locked away. Or you may never even know you had it. If you haven’t been vaxxed then you’re content to roll the dice. Your Covid outcome will be what it will be. Won’t speak on that.

The silver lining is that we are watering this thing down. By getting vaccines we have protected ourselves against the risk of severe Covid disease. Like anything, there are never any absolutes. There can always be rare exceptions but we can’t base our lives on those anomalies.

We have to live with it and build natural immunity. We’ve learned a lot these last two years, and we lost a lot too. We have a world to live in.  If you haven’t already normalized your life – it’s time to start.

I can’t wait till the day my kids don’t have to wear a mask to school. I think it’s not too far off. As it’s already happened in several countries.

In the meantime, Covid has lost a great deal of media traction because of the war in Ukraine. The media has been the basis of so much unnecessary fear-mongering through Covid-19.

It’s really troubling that it takes the level of horror occurring in Ukraine to finally shift the media focus away from COVID.  The last two years should’ve taught us the importance of vetting news sources and limiting the time we spend glued to media (in all forms).

Be well.


Kate. x










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