Catching Covid

Covid be damned

I finally caught it, or I should say, it finally caught me. Pretty much two years to the day after The WHO announced the COVID pandemic – I tested positive for the ‘VID. Covid’s been a long schlepp for all of us. However, it finally seems to be scaling down to endemic status. As my […]

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Surviving Quarantine – Part 4

Last Easter, I was shamelessly stalking Geishas in Kyoto, Japan and eating my weight in sushi. This year, I celebrated the on-time arrival of Easter chocolate via Amazon.

You couldn’t have convinced me a year ago that 1/2 the world would be in isolation. Yet, here we are.

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Surviving Quarantine – Part 3

Day 20 of lockdown in southern España. Happy to report – we are well and somewhat sane. Remarkably. Like the rest of the world – we’re finding our new “normal” through the lockdown. The daily challenge is preventing every day from becoming Groundhog Day.  The boys have adapted well – the online school has been a […]

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Sobrevivir a la Cuarentena

Sobrevivir a la Cuarentena Hace unas semanas, estuvimos esquiando en Suiza, a una distancia de tan solo un canto tirolés del norte de Italia. Suiza tenía, entonces, 7 casos reconocidos de Covid-19. Nuestro país de adopción, España, tenía algunos cientos. Hoy en día, ya hay más de ¨17.147¨, mientras que  en Suiza , ¨3.438¨. Basándose […]

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Surviving Quarantine

A few weeks ago we were skiing in Switzerland – yodeling distance from Northern Italy. Switzerland had 7 reported cases of Covid-19. Our adopted home country of Spain had a few hundred. Today, Spain is reporting: ¨17,147¨, and Switzerland ¨3,438¨. Based on population density Switzerland actually has a higher incident rate than Spain. This happened […]

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